Working at Flow Auckland

At Flow we know that the shared vision and dedication to producing quality work through innovative and forward thinking are the key ingredients in making us the successful company we are today.  Our foundation is the diverse group of passionate people working at Flow.  We are different genders and ages, come from different backgrounds and bring with us a variety of experiences and expertise.  What unites us and makes us a success is our common goals and commitment to our values.

Professional Development

When the Directors founded Flow, they purposely designed a culture and structure that offers variety and support for those looking to learn and develop themselves as well as challenging and multifaceted projects to allow more seasoned professionals to apply their broader knowledge and experience.  The flat structure not only ensures that clients benefit from having experts with diverse perspectives overseeing their projects, but also creates a supportive and collaborative culture full of projects that are interesting and varied.  Flow is committed to ensuring our staff enjoy:

  • A stimulating dynamic programme and working environment
  • A wide variety of projects
  • Training, continued professional development and individual coaching
  • An attractive salary package with flexible working hours.

Our Values

Importantly, Flow safeguards its culture of work life balance, care and respect for each other and care for the environment.  We strive to develop our people and advance the industry by creating a sustainable learning environment where new ideas are valued.  Flow and team hold each other to a high standard of work and professionalism and are uncompromising in its values.

What it’s like living in Auckland

If you’re thinking of moving to Auckland, you should know that New Zealand’s largest city is a great place to live, work and play.  Residents and visitors enjoy beautiful white sand beaches to the east and rugged black sand beaches to the west and are spoilt for choice with numerous dining and nightlife opportunities.

Diverse communities stage unique night markets and vibrant farmers’ markets along with a wealth of theatres, concerts, sporting events, recreational opportunities and an abundance of water, parks, reserves and green space all contribute to making Auckland a great place to visit or call home.

Flow is committed to supporting and enhancing Auckland’s beauty and lifestyle by respecting the environment through their work and by encouraging a work life balance through their culture.