Transport Modelling

We are acknowledged as leaders in the field of transport modelling in New Zealand. We apply advanced modelling techniques to evaluate a wide variety of transport schemes and policy issues and to assess the potential effects of proposed land use developments. We develop multi-modal transport models to forecast travel demand and to enable different transport schemes and policies to be developed and evaluated. Flow’s staff are widely experienced in using the following software packages:

– SATURN, a suite of transport network analysis programs for the simulation and assignment of traffic on urban road networks
–  AIMSUN, a traffic modelling package which can carry out assessments at either the microsimulation or “meso” levels, or both (i.e. hybrid models)
– S-PARAMICS, a micro-simulation traffic modelling package
– SIDRA, a package for the simulation of traffic at isolated intersections, and now for evaluating small networks
– LINSIG, a package for assessing closely spaced signalised intersections, or signalised roundabouts.

These programs allow us to examine a wide range of issues, from area wide strategic studies through to detailed assessments.

We are also experienced in developing cycle demand models, and regularly carry out peer reviews of models developed by other consultants.