Audits of pedestrian rail level crossing closures – Auckland Transport (currently under various stages of Design and public consultation)

As part of improving the train services ahead of the City Rail Link (CRL), Auckland Transport is removing a number of pedestrian level crossings across the train tracks. This is to improve safety as well as increase efficiency and allows greater frequency for trains.

The project recognises that when a crossing across the train tracks is closed, people have to take an alternative route.  Therefore as part of the closures, a number of improvements to the alternative walking routes are proposed such as, upgraded crossing facilities, footpath repairs, screening of train tracks. Flow was brought in as the independent auditors of the project. We did a road safety audit, a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) assessment and a non-motorised user audit of all the closures and each alternative route.

We did site visits during the day as well as at night to identify barriers to walking and made recommendations to improve safety, security and accessibility. We also identified opportunities that could be carried out to improve the walkability of the alternative routes.