Auckland Light Rail (ALR) was to provide a modern rapid transit system for Auckland, between Auckland city centre and the Airport.  Additional routes were planned to the Auckland’s Northwest and to the North Shore to create an integrated, high speed, high capacity reliable network, serving a large proportion of Auckland’s existing and future population.

The ALR web site stated that “Auckland Light Rail is our chance to reshape our neighbourhoods to work better for us and change how our city grows. It will connect people to work and study and enable new homes in growing communities, helping to reduce sprawl.  It will also mean we won’t have to rely on cars, helping reduce emissions”.

The incoming Government announced in late 2023 that it was cancelling the Project.  Nevertheless, we are proud to have been involved in this potentially city shaping project, between October 2022 and October 2023.  We were heavily involved in progressing:

  • The assessment of route options for the section from the city centre to Sandringham, including assessments of the transport implications of alternative station locations
  • Concept design of the transport integration requirements for each preferred station location, including bus interchanges, cycle routes and parking, and walking network improvements to maximise station accessibility.
  • The assessment of the long term demands for the project

The overall Assessment of Transport Effects report, which considered both the short term adverse transport effects during the construction stage, and the long term transport benefits following completion of the Project.

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