Optimising Parking

Every car journey begins and ends with the need to park a vehicle.  Parking management can also be used as a tool to try and reduce private vehicle travel.  We use experience and good judgement to help balance the provision and management of parking with the viability of different types of development.

Using experience and expertise to provide the right amount of car parking

The considerations that help to determine how much parking to provide include:

  • Expected parking demand
  • Parking supply
  • The viability and attractiveness of other transport modes
  • Regulatory requirements (e.g. parking minimums and/or maximums as per Council rules).

Balancing these considerations, together with best utilising available space and providing appropriately for the end user, results in optimal parking solutions.

Making parking areas well designed, driver friendly and safer

When creating parking layout and design, Flow takes a pragmatic view: thinking from a motorist’s perspective, working to regulatory standards and considering site shape and structural design.  This helps Flow optimise parking provision and results in a safe and accessible parking experience.