Providing for Cyclists

Providing cycle facilities has become a core component of master planning, stand-alone projects and travel demand management. Cycling is becoming an increasingly popular mode of choice as it offers people a degree of control over their journey while enjoying the outdoors and the health benefits of physical activity.

Finding solutions to incorporate cycling within existing infrastructure

Providing cycling facilities on existing roads is not without its challenges since road space has usually already been allocated. There are, however, a variety of appropriate and relevant solutions to create safer, more comfortable, direct, coherent and attractive routes for cyclists. Facilities include on and off road cycleways that are separated from traffic and pedestrians and pathways designed for shared use by cyclists and pedestrians. Other measures and tools to support cycling include:

  • directional signage
  • reducing pinch points
  • cycle parking
  • traffic calming

Planning ahead for cycling as part of a new development

Given the increasing focus on cycling as a viable means of travel, all new development and infrastructure should include consideration of cycle facilities as part of the transport network at an early stage.

Designing cycle facilities by blending best practice principles with local knowledge

We apply best practice principles together with our knowledge of the New Zealand environment to facilitate travel by bike, and by any other users of the transport network.