Sagar Malakappa - Transportation Engineer

Contact details:
     09 370 0575  |

Registrations & Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Civil, Honours)
  • Level 2/3 Site Traffic Management Supervisor (Non-Practicing)
  • Safe System Engineering Workshop (2019)
  • ConstructSafe Tier 1 (2017)
Sagar Malakappa

Sagar has over 3 years of experience as a Transportation Engineer and has worked on numerous projects including design (concept stage through to detailed stage), safety improvements investigation studies, auditing (road safety and temporary traffic management), speed management, guide sign design and traffic impact assessments. Through these projects, he has supported and delivered to various clients across the region. He has developed a strong understanding of the Safe System philosophy and how it can effectively be implemented across projects to improve safety outcomes for all road users, including vulnerable users. Sagar is excited to be part of the Flow family and is eager to broaden his experience whilst continuing to deliver work to a high standard for our clients.