Neha Sharma - Principal Transportation Engineer

Contact details:
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Neha Sharma

Neha is a principal transportation engineer with over a decade of experience. She earned her master’s degree in engineering from The University of Auckland in 2013, specialising in Intelligent Transportation Systems.
Her expertise lies in transport modelling, particularly with AIMSUN, where she has worked on model development for several significant projects, including the Let’s Get Wellington Moving, Porirua Transport Model, Hutt City Aimsun Model, and Brisbane Aimsun Model. She’s also proficient in using modelling tools like SIDRA, LINSIG, and SATURN. Neha was also involved in the development of Greater Wellington first ever cycle model.

In addition to her modelling work, Neha has been involved in various safety improvement initiatives under Road to Zero. These projects encompass intersection safety enhancements, reducing speeds around schools, and implementing city-wide speed reduction measures.

Neha’s experience extends to local government, where she had taken on responsibilities such as public engagement, completing traffic resolutions, overseeing traffic engineering tasks, leading business cases, performing cost-benefit analyses, and overseeing project management.

Neha believes in the transformative power of having the right data at the right time and place. Her objective is to provide her clients with precise and reliable data, facilitating informed and improved decision-making processes.