Michael Parry - Transportation Engineer

Contact details:
     09 370 0579   |      022 435 1020  |   Michael.Parry@flownz.com
Michael Parry

Mike holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Auckland University and has been working on a range of transport infrastructure and transportation projects since 2019, including 18 months as a site engineer working for a contractor.

Mike has a strong background in design, including taking projects from the concept stage through to the detailed stage.  He is experienced in using Autodesk AutoCAD and Civil 3d design software. He has designed a variety of transport projects, including bus priority lanes, on-street bus bay, off-street parking layouts, pedestrian crossings, roundabouts, addressing complex design challenges that require ensuring that safety and practical solutions can be provided within constrained urban streets, as well as the application of NZ industry design standards. Mike’s experience working for a contractor has helped him devise practical transport design solutions that can be constructed on-site.

Mike also has had the opportunity to work on several transport planning projects. His work includes aiding in transport assessments and conducting several traffic modelling assessments using SIDRA modelling network.