Sector : Local Authorities

Auckland Council and Auckland Transport engaged Flow to help with the structure planning and plan change work for the Whenuapai area.  It is anticipated that the structure plan area will provide between 8,100 and 10,700 dwellings, 8,600 jobs and over 300 hectares of new business land over the next 10 to 20 years.

Our role was to provide advice regarding the transportation infrastructure required and advise on the implications of the decisions that Council, Watercare and Auckland Transport have to make regarding the land development outcomes.  Our involvement included inputting to the scale, density, location and staging of land uses as well as investigating the nature and staging of transport infrastructure and services for all modes of transport.  We undertook transport modelling using SATURN and SIDRA.

The Structure Plan was passed in 2016 and sets out the framework for transforming Whenuapai from a semi-rural environment to an urbanised community.  The proposed Plan Change, which rezones initial stages, was notified in September 2017.  In May 2018, we attended the Council Hearing for the proposed Plan Change, on behalf of the Council.  Work regarding the Plan Change is on-going.