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Whangaparaoa Road Dynamic Lanes.  Flow was engaged by Auckland Transport to undertake traffic modelling to support the investigation of potential measures to address capacity issues for access to the Whangaparaoa Peninsula.

As the single point of access to the Peninsula, Whangaparaoa Road experiences “tidal” traffic flows, with many residents leaving the Peninsula in the morning peak and returning home in the evening. Capacity constraints associated with the merge from two lanes to one lane near the intersection of Hibiscus Coast Highway/Millwater Parkway/Whangaparaoa Road created congestion which affected travel times in the evening peak.

To address these issues without the need for extensive road widening works, the projects sought to make the most of existing road space by allowing the flush median to be used as an addition lane in the peak direction. This “dynamic lanes” system is controlled through overhead lane control signal and in-road LED lights.

Flow developed a micro-simulation model to assess the benefits of the project for use in economic assessment and to capture the wider network effects of route choice changes which may occur as a result of improvement at existing capacity constraints. With implementation the dynamic lanes system has been an operational success with travel time improvement of a similar scale to that predicted by the model. Flow staff were also involved in monitoring and optimisation of signalised intersections along the project route during implementation.

Further details of the project can be found here.