Sector : Local Authorities


The 2011 Rugby World Cup was a major sporting and social event in Auckland, with thousands of rugby fans flocking to the city to attend games, associate events and social functions. Flow’s sports mad team enjoyed their involvement in several important roles in planning for the Rugby World Cup events held in Auckland.

Between 2006 and 2010 Flow assisted the Auckland City Council to review proposals for the redevelopment of Eden Park. This included assistance in all aspects of the transport provision for the stadium redevelopment, Transport and Traffic Management Plans, assessments of pedestrian circulation (internal and external to the stadium), and the consideration of alternatives for the provision of public transport.

Flow was involved in various aspects of the planning for related events in the city centre such as assessing the cumulative effects of temporary road closures as the tournament progressed to the final.

Flow’s responsibilities also included preparation of the Transport Management Plan for the four World Cup matches held at North Harbour Stadium on the North Shore.