Sector : Private Sector


The Long Bay development area is located on the edge of Auckland’s North Shore, behind the Long Bay Regional Park.  Flow has been involved in the ongoing planning, assessment and design of the development since 2005.


Flow was originally tasked with identifying the likely local traffic effects of the proposed development, and considering wider transportation issues, in order to secure Environment Court approval.


Flow carried out transport assessments which were informed by a SATURN traffic model of the Long Bay and Torbay area. We then provided transport planning evidence to the Council hearing and to the Environment Court on behalf of the developer. The Environment Court approved the concept of quality residential development surrounding a new village centre.

Flow has since been involved in the transport and roading aspects of subdivision consents. We have provided advice on road design, speed calming treatments, and the provision and design of pedestrian and cyclist facilities within each subdivision.  We have also advised Auckland Transport in the planning of improvements to the external transport network, such as along East Coast Road and Glenvar Road.


The development of the area is currently underway, and Flow is proud to have been involved in the planning and design of this new, high quality urban area.