Sector : Local Authorities


Lincoln Road is an important Regional Arterial connecting State Highway 16 (SH16) and Henderson in Auckland. To complement widening of SH16, an upgrade of the Lincoln Road interchange was required.

Flow needed to take account of predicted operational requirements, as well as relevant standards and processes relating to the motorway and the local road and ramp connections between them.  As well as operational conditions, provisions for cyclists and pedestrians are essential and need to be accommodated in a safe and appropriate manner to ensure that active mode travellers are not discouraged from using their chosen mode of transport.

Flow was a member of the multi-faceted project team designing the upgrade of the Lincoln Road interchange. Using the SH18 Upper Harbour SATURN model, re-calibrated in the Lincoln Road area, Flow developed and assessed future traffic demands and the design of the interchange.


To better understand the inter-relationship of the motorway, the interchange, ramp metering and an adjacent signalised intersection at Lincoln Road/Triangle Road, Flow developed a PARAMICS model. The PARAMICS model also helped identify requirements for the design, including intersection signal design.

Flow also designed signage for the motorway and interchange and reviewed the pavement markings design.

The works at the interchange are now largely complete.