Sector : Private Sector


The Cornwall Park Board of Trustees engaged international experts to lead the development of a 100-year Master Plan for Cornwall Park. Flow was invited to join this design team and provide expertise on transport matters pertaining to the transport network supporting access to, and within, Cornwall Park.

Flow’s work involved:

  • comprehensive site visits to understand current access and existing conditions for all modes
  • identifying and mapping existing transport routes and associated transport infrastructure for all modes
  • gathering applicable data to assist with forecasting the future requirements for managing transport within Cornwall Park and consultation with key stakeholders to identify proposed transport projects and/or land use changes possibly impacting on Cornwall Park


The key challenge of this project was to present the transport related information in a format suitable and meaningful for use by colleagues who were not involved in transport planning or engineering.


Flow did this successfully at a series of infrastructure workshops that guided development of the Master Plan; specifically, development of the transport section of the Cornwall Park 100-Year Master Plan.