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The existing Auckland Harbour Bridge carries only motorised traffic across the Waitemata Harbour, and as a result, individuals travelling between the North Shore and central Auckland are forced to either drive or catch public transport. This project – the successor to the privately proposed SkyPath project – proposes attaching an independent structure to the existing bridge piers to provide a shared use, walking and cycling facility.

Flow were required to provide independent estimates of potential pedestrian and cyclist trips across the proposed shared path, and did so using their Auckland Cycle Model and by relating the proposed shared path to comparator facilities elsewhere in New Zealand and internationally.  The assessment was required to recognise the potential different user types of the proposed shared path, including commuters, recreational users and tourists.

The project also required an assessments to be undertaken for the facility to assess:

  • The effects that width constraints on the proposed path may have on levels of service for users
  • The effects that the existing bridge’s structural capacity may have on the proposed path
  • The effects that different shared path configurations may have on existing bridge traffic

Ultimately, Flow were also required to assess the economic effects of the proposed shared path, including the very significant public health benefits from increasing active travel trips across the Waitemata Harbour.

Further details of the project can be found here.