About Flow

Flow provides expertise and premium service in transport planning, traffic modelling, and traffic engineering design for public and private sector clients.

Our success comes from providing broad solutions rather than just singular services from transport-land use integration to transport assessments that consider public transport, walking, cycling and driving. This forward and future thinking approach positions our clients to achieve today’s goals, but also helps them be prepared for future implications.

Flow’s dedicated team of consultants has the versatility, experience and know-how to help ensure high quality and on time delivery.

Flow’s Vision

Flow’s vision is to “shape tomorrow’s transport choices”.

“Shaping” involves influencing key decision makers, the public, clients, staff and colleagues as well as having an inspiring team known for challenging the norms, providing innovative outcomes and utilising advancements in assessment technologies. “Tomorrow’s transport” means actively understanding the future needs of our clients and stakeholders, including new transport and travel technologies. “Transport choices” will provide enduring outcomes that create more livable communities.

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