Flow Transportation Specialists Limited provides specialist advice on all matters related to land use development and transport integration. We have a wealth of local and international experience, and are involved in a wide variety of development projects throughout New Zealand.  Staff at Flow, who originate from China, speak Mandarin.

Flow 交通专业有限公司


Flow was started in 2005 by Directors Angie Crafer and Bronwyn Coomer Smit, and were soon joined by director Ian Clark.  In addition to bringing years of experience and complementary expertise, the three founders have a shared goal of producing premium work for clients by challenging traditional methods and taking a broader and sustainable view of transport and its interdependency with land use planning.

Flow 是由三位创始人Angie Crafer (安吉·克莱夫), Bronwyn Coomer-Smit(布朗温·库默斯密特)和Ian Clark(伊恩·克拉克)于2005年成立的。他们拥有成熟的经验和互补的技术,并且又能以颠覆传统,同时又兼顾可持续性发展的方式理解交通和土地利用规划的相关性,从而给客户提供品质卓越的服务。

Over the past 14 years, Flow has grown to a highly skilled team of over 20 professionals who offer expert advice and qualified design skills across a wide range of transportation planning and traffic engineering solutions. 在过去的14年里,Flow发展成了由20多位专业人员组成的经验丰富的团队。我们能够在交通规划和交通工程的相关领域里给您提供专业的建议及被广泛认可的设计能力。

Support with acquiring the resource consent 取得资源许可的支持

Having access to knowledge of New Zealand regulatory processes and considerations with regards to transport planning and traffic engineering can help you avoid unnecessary delays and additional costs progressing your development.  You may need a traffic impact assessment or an integrated transport assessment to support your application.


Sometimes issues related to a development are more complex and you may need expert traffic witness services at Council Hearings and in the Environment Court.  Flow works with you and liaises with the regulatory authorities to expedite the process to a positive outcome.

如果您的项目进程中产生了一些复杂的问题,您将会需要专业的交通作证人为您出席市政听证会 (Council Hearings) 和环境法院 (Environment Court)。Flow可以为您提供这些服务并且负责与管理机构的沟通和解决,以便您的项目更快捷地取得成功。

Planning and design of your development 开发项目的规划与设计

Expert transport advice is vital in the early stages of the planning process and at the master planning stage; we also recommend specialist advice at the later more detailed stages of your development, when traffic engineering advice related to design will be important.


Understanding what will be expected from your development with respect to planning requirements, trip generation, vehicle and pedestrian access, parking, modal accessibility, loading and manoeuverability are some of the areas that you are likely to encounter and that Flow can assist you with to ensure that you achieve your development goals while streamlining the bureaucratic process.


Transport Assessments 交通评估

In order to assess the transport effects of a proposed change in land use or new development, a Transport Assessment report is required to support your resources consents applications.  For large projects, traffic modelling is often used to predict the effect that our development may have on the operation of the road network.


Design of Transport Networks 交通运输网的设计

Good design of transport infrastructure can help you maximise developable land and help to ensure that you provide a desirable place that is attractive to visit or buy.  For example, smart design of accesses and service areas, together with appropriate pedestrian facilities, thoughtful parking layout and complementary landscaping can not only optimise space but result in a high quality and appealing development.


Expert geometric design of road cross-sections, cycle and pedestrian facilities, parking layouts, accesses, intersections, signs and markings and shared space results in ‘fit for purpose’ transport outcomes.


We have alliances with several other consultants, allowing us to offer a wide range of specialist services from town planning to architectural services.


Our Chinese Clients 我们的中国客户

We have been part of the development teams in successfully obtaining resource consent for the NZ Rose Gardens Development Limited and for Heng Chuang Investment Group.

我们曾帮助玫瑰园发展有限公司(NZ Rose Garden Development Limited)和Heng Chuang Investment Group成功获取资源许可。

Contact Us 联系我们

To find out more, you can contact Flow’s Director, Bronwyn Coomer-Smit, or for assistance in Mandarin please contact Qing Li, Senior Transport Engineer and our Flow Chinese client liaison.

如果您想了解更多关于我们的信息,请联系总监Bronwyn Coomer Smit(布朗温·库默斯密特)。若您需要普通话服务,请联系我们的高级交通工程师及中国客户联系人李青。