What We Do

Traffic Modelling Peer Reviews

We are often called upon to undertake peer reviews of the transport models developed by others. These have recently included reviews of the following:

  • The development of a TRACKS transport model for the Waikato region 
  • A CUBE/VOYAGER transport model for the Western Bay of Plenty, for the evaluation of the proposed Tauranga Eastern Motorway and a variety of other road schemes in the Tauranga/Mount Maunganui area 
  • SATURN traffic models of Wellington, for the evaluation of the proposed Transmission Gully project and of central Auckland, for the 2008 Waitemata Harbour Crossing Study 
  • An EMME/2 traffic model of west Auckland, for the evaluation of the proposed SH20 Waterview Connection project. 
  • A LEGION model used to assess pedestrian circulation inside Eden Park, following the proposed redevelopment planned for the Rugby World Cup 
  • S-PARAMICS models developed to assess the effects of a variety of developments in the Newmarket, St Lukes and Massey North areas within Auckland.