What We Do

Transport Modelling


Flow is acknowledged as a leader in the field of transport modelling in New Zealand.  We apply advanced transport models and modelling techniques to evaluate a wide variety of transport schemes and to assess the potential effects of proposed land use developments.
 We are experienced in using a variety of modelling packages and have licenses for the following software packages:
  • SATURN, a suite of transport network analysis programs for the simulation and assignment of traffic on urban road networks
  • AIMSUN, a traffic modelling package which can carry out assessments at either the microsimulation or “meso” levels, or both (i.e. hybrid models) 
  • S-PARAMICS, a micro-simulation traffic modelling package 
  • SIDRA, a package for the simulation of traffic at isolated intersections, and now for evaluating small networks

These programs allow us to examine a wide range of issues, from area wide strategic studies through to detailed assessments.

Examples of transport modelling projects

Examples of Transport Modelling Peer Reviews


Auckland City Centre SATURN Model