What We Do

Development of guidelines

We have been involved in the preparation of a number of industry guidelines, including those relating to Integrated Transport Assessments, Corridor Management Plans, and Transport Management Associations. For example we have:
  • Assisted the Auckland Regional Transport Authority (ARTA) to develop guidelines for Integrated Transport Assessments.  We have recently assisted Auckland Transport in updating these guidelines 
  • Assisted ARTA to develop guidelines for multimodal development
  • Helped ARTA develop guidelines on Transport Management Associations
  • Worked with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Association in developing guidelines led a series of training workshops relating to the ARTA guidelines on ITAs and multi modal development
  • Been involved in the development of Auckland Transport’s Corridor Management Plan (CMP) guidelines.  These are now being used on a number of CMPs
  • Been involved in the various guidelines being prepared by the New Zealand (Transport) Modelling User Group.