What We Do

Travel Surveys

Good data is key to many if not all of our assessments.  We regularly arrange or oversee a variety of travel surveys, from simple traffic counts to a range of surveys covering different modes of transport.

Examples of recent travel surveys (beyond the regular surveys that are often required, such as full turning traffic counts at intersections, or pedestrian warrant counts) have included:

  • In March 2011 and again in March 2012 we undertook comprehensive surveys regarding the use of the Northern Busway.  This was part of an ongoing series of annual surveys, covering bus patronage, passenger arrival and departure mode split, boardings and alightings, user origins, and car parking data
  • In 2011 we were responsible for a before and after survey to establish the effects of the SH18 Hobsonville Deviation, which opened in August 2011.  This included traffic count data on the state highway and local road network, along with journey time surveys. 

Flow has also worked with schools and businesses to initiate travel behaviour surveys using tools provided by ARTA and Auckland Transport. These surveys provide important information that helps in developing opportunities and actions.