What We Do

Accessibility Audits

Flow provides expertise in assessing and auditing the accessibility of proposed and existing town centres and developments, considering all transport modes including walking, cycling and public transport.  

High level assessments include using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to calculate accessible populations, network distances and potential route changes.  At a more local level, assessments include consultation with local communities and an audit of existing pedestrian, cycling and public transport facilities, and recommending improvements.  

Key accessibility projects completed by Flow include an accessibility assessment of the Sylvia Park town centre for the former Auckland Regional Transport Authority (ARTA).  This project was used as a test case to trial a particular methodology for assessing all town centres within the Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative corridor.  

Following this work we also completed accessibility assessments for Glen Innes, Panmure, Pakuranga and Botany town centres, with a view to ensuring that walking and cycling accessibility around the centres and to and from public transport stops was provided for.