Additional Waitemata Harbour Crossing

Flow had significant involvement in investigating options for an additional Waitemata Harbour Crossing for the NZ Transport Agency (in partnership with KiwiRail.) This study examined the business case for a bridge or alternatively a tunnel between the Central Motorway Junction and Esmonde Road.

As part of the wider project team, we were responsible for detailed traffic modelling and undertook an assessment of the effects of an additional crossing. This assessment included the effects on the operation of the local road network, on either side of the harbour and of the walking and cycle issues, both in terms of the provision of facilities across the harbour and the connections required to the walking and cycle networks on either side of the harbour.  

With regard to the walking and cycling facility, we investigated how the provision of an additional Waitemata Harbour crossing could be optimised through improvements to the local supporting network.   Our investigation assessed the potential demand for walking and cycling trips in association with the implementation of the additional crossing.  The aim of project was to identify any gaps in current and planned infrastructure around the harbour crossings which would need to be addressed before the implementation of the third crossing.  As a result, investigation works into improved pedestrian and cycling facilities along a number of routes around the harbour crossing locations were recommended.

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