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December 2015

Residents in the Balmoral and Sandringham areas were faced with an increasing level of traffic through residential areas and side roads by drivers seeking alternative routes between Dominion and Sandringham roads.  To address this,  Auckland Transport and Albert-Eden Local Board invited Flow to work with them to create a pilot programme designed to deter traffic and to enhance safety for residents and road users.  Flow’s innovative solutions, coupled with Auckland Transport’s awareness and education communications with the general public, helped make this initiative a success. Read more…  

October 2014

Flow are very happy to welcome Rachel Gasson to the team, who joined us in October 2014. Rachel is a Civil Engineer with 2 years experience, after graduating from the University of Auckland in 2012.  To date she has had a variety of experience within the civil engineering field, including transport engineering and bridge design. She has been involved in traffic assessments and feasibility studies, and has experience using SIDRA.  

June 2014

The team at Flow would like to welcome on board the newest staff member to join the Flow team, Mohsin Chaudry. who joins us as a Transportation Engineer.

Mohsin has recently completed PhD in Transportation Engineering from University of Auckland brings to Flow 10 years of research, academic and consultancy experience gained both in New Zealand and internationally. His experience covers a spectrum of Transportation Engineering including transport infrastructure appraisal, policy and technology assessment, transport systems analysis, modelling, planning, management and geometric road design. 

June 2013

The team at Flow would like to welcome on board Sandy Mills, who joins us as a Senior Transportation Planner.

Sandy is a transportation planner specialising in active transport and strategic planning. Sandy worked as the walking and cycling network advisor for Auckland Transport and enjoyed five years with Waitakere City Council as a strategic advisor with a focus on active transport. Sandy was also employed with the Land Transport Safety Authority/Land Transport NZ.

She has been involved in numerous infrastructure projects, (at all stages of projects), integrated transport assessments, plan changes, corridor management plans and comprehensive development plans.

November 2012

The team would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest team member - Mike Nixon. 

Mike has a BE Civil Engineering degree and over twelve years’ experience in the traffic engineering and planning fields in New Zealand.

Mike has been involved in a wide variety of traffic and transportation projects including integrated transport assessments, traffic signal design, road safety audits and construction traffic management plans.


July 2012

Michelle Seymour, Transportation Planner, was awarded an A- for her Economics Paper as part of her Masters of Engineering (Transportation) Degree.  Michelle has recently returned from maternity leave and is bringing  her renowned enthusiasm and experience to a number of projects.




March 2012

Mairi Joyce won the best technical paper and best poster at the IPENZ Transportation Conference, which was held in Rotorua in March 2012.

In 2010 Mairi was awarded the Institute of Professional Engineers (IPENZ) Transportation Group Study Award to travel to Europe and visit shared spaces.The aim of the study tour was to gather information which can be used to create a guidance note for practitioners working on streetscape schemes involving shared space here in NZ.  Following a literature review and refinements of the scope with IPENZ, it was decided Mairi would focus on schemes in the UK as this is where the latest research is emerging and parallels between the UK and NZ can be drawn relatively easily.  During her visit Mairi met with a variety of experts including Phil Jones (Phil Jones Consulting) and Ben Hamilton-Baille (who originally coined the term shared space) and visited a variety of streetscape schemes using shared space principles.  Overall, Mairi found the study tour to be invaluable as she learnt a significant amount on how shared space principles can be practically applied in a variety of contexts.  However, more importantly, observing how these streetscapes work in person has provided her with confidence that these principles can safely be applied more widely here in NZ.  Her paper outlines some of the key findings from the tour.