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Mahdi Amiripour - Senior Transportation Engineer

Phone: 09 370 0586

Email: Mahdi.Amiripour@flownz.com 


Mahdi has 9 years’ experience in transportation planning and engineering.  He has recently joined Flow in 2018 and holds a Ph.D. in Transportation Planning and Engineering from Iran and Auckland University. His major field of expertise is public transportation planning and operation which he has worked on various different projects in this field.  Bus network design and optimization, BRT planning and operation, bus route scheduling, vehicle scheduling, performance measurement of the bus system and privatization plan for bus services are some projects he had done in Iran before moving to New Zealand. 


Mahdi also has experiences in bus system operation in Iran, where he was responsible for planning the services in terms of vehicle and crew scheduling.  He also has publications in ASCE Journal of Transportation Engineering and Transportation Research,Section C  on bus network optimization. 

Mahdi is a member of Engineering New Zealand.