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One of the major advantages of the Flow lifestyle is that we work hard when at work but the focus is on enjoying life and not taking work home.  We work in an open plan office, designed to provide a fun relaxed atmosphere in which to work.  However, even then, Flow is not all about work...

If you work at or visit Flow, be prepared to see giant tea/coffee runs, regular sausage sizzles on the deck, Friday afternoon treats (ice cream, cheese and wine or beers, depending on the season), cakes on every birthday (forgetting to bring one is a heinous offence) and end of month drinks up at a Ponsonby bar.

We also have less regular events, including the start of year BBQ, mid year staff and partners dinner, and the Christmas function, which has become a standing tradition of lunch at Stonyridge Vineyard.


Flow Christmas Function: December 2017

Where else but to Stoneyridge for a Christmas lunch bursting at the seams with tasty food, wine and amusing conversation ....


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